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       Maltese Kennel "Garden Of Stars" is registered with the FCI and the Kennel Club under the number 48/10. We are located in Zagreb (Dugave). It all began from the moment when Luna dei Prati Verdi came into my life and life of my family. The feeling was indescribable when I held her in my hands for the first time - my beautiful little flake... As Luna began to get to know our world and her new home, I wanted to know and learn more about the breed. I decided to focus my love for dogs and breed in dog shows and later in breeding maltese, the breed that fascinated me.

       I realized that Luna needed a company and there were a room in my home and in my heart for more flakes, so I decided to buy a small male in which I fell in love when I first saw him. I thought that no one can feel the same love twice, but what I felt holding Luna for the first time happened again with Pepito.

     Our first "litter L" make our harrier even bigger and happier. Loren, Latoya and Layla are our first Garden of Stars babies. Latoya stayed with us and Loren also who is owned by my sister Maja Jukić. We are very happy that we find beautiful and great new family for our Layla.

     Our second "litter S" rounded out our harrier and this is our precious Emmie.

     This way I would also like to thank my sister Maja Jukić and my husband Igor Gojmerac for help, suport and love which they give to our dogs.

     Our dogs enjoy the attention and care, they sleep with us in bed, we feed them with premium food and they travel with us wherever we go. They are definitely responsible for a lot of laugh and joy in our family. We enjoy spending every single moment with our dogs.

We hope that your stay on our website will be enjoyable and we hope you will visit us again.

Thank you once more for visiting our site,

Garden Of Stars

Garden Of Stars Garden Of Stars

Garden Of Stars Garden Of Stars

Special thank you: to breeder Claudio dall Oglio (Prati Verdi kennel, Italy) for beautiful Luna, to breeder Patricia Barberia Quiroz (Alto Irati kennel , Spain) for adorable Pepito, beautiful friendship and help, to dear friends breeders , my dear friends, to my husband and familly who gave me great support and to  my parents who always encouraged my love for animals.